Sweater Weather

It’s a no-brainer that temperatures will continue to dip, but making that transition in a stylish and comfortable manner can be tricky. Cute sweaters are a girls best friend this time of year! We picked our six favs right now, to get you through these chilly days! 

The Knit Factor Off White Sweater

Swift Addition Plaid Cardigan

The Real Deal Beige Cardigan

Warm Heart Grey Sweater

Warmth Embrace Taupe Cardigan

Let's Get Knit Started Mocha Cardigan


  • Christine

    Love Sweater Weather!

  • nikki

    loving ooh la la’ sweater collection this year!

  • lisa

    warmth embrace is my fav!

  • Bri

    I LOVE sweater weather- plus all the cute fall and winter arrivals from Ooh are to die for :)

  • kathy

    so many great sweaters but my favorite is the warm heart grey!

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