Q & A with Island Strong

Island Strong 

The saying “There’s no place like home” rings true to these gentlemen.  They help us all come back to reality and realize the true beauty of our home…. Long Island.

How did Island Strong start?
About two years ago Brian and Terrance started making college humor t-shirts. They had made a Long Island logo shirt- just a simple black and white picture of the island and things just took off from there.

Terrance, Brian, Al and Chris are your average Long Islanders who aim to not only make a living and live their life here but help us celebrate all of its beauties as well.  Island Strong pairs its love of Long Island with the support of local small businesses and charities throughout the island.

What are some charities you guys are working with?

  • Room 4 Love
  • Save the Great South Bay
  • Peconic Land Trust
  • Roots on the Ground NY
  • Family Cares Association

What are some of your favorite products?
All of the hats and hoodies! It's just so hard to choose! The Mermaid Sweatshirt is super comfy and a top seller though.

What are you guys most excited about in the upcoming year?
Our new social website! Community Strong – a website for all local small businesses to connect with Long Islanders. And of course all of our new arrivals!Long Island hasn’t seen anything yet there’s so much more to come.




  • chloe

    Love their stuff!

  • nancy

    Great blog! I love all of the long island strong pieces. My fav is the strong island tank.

  • kristen

    love all the island strong stuff!! such a great story too!

  • Megan

    So cool! Love the tanks! Love this brand even more knowing what they do for the community and small business!

  • Bri

    The mermaid is such a comfy hoodie love love love it :)

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