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Kendall Jenner's style may be my fave of the Karjenner sisters...

It is always effortless and makes the rest of us feel like we too can pull off the same look.

With that said we have some pieces that once paired together can bring Kendall Jenners outfits to you from Ooh!


 Look #1:

That something special dress/Snuggling mornings cardigan


Look #2:

Don't mess with the muscles bodysuit/In luck skinny jeans/Lucky & luxe keychain


Look #3:

Pick me hooded top/ Rothery jacket/Feel good skinny jeans/Do your thing bag



  • nikki

    I love all her looks

  • Christine

    Love this post!

  • Allie

    AWESOME post!! I love Kendall Jenner!

  • nikki

    love ken doll!

  • genny

    I love this post !!

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