Get Ready For The Holidays with Ooh!

H O L I D A Y S spelled out from ooh to you!

Tis' the season to start shopping :)

H is for hats and you can never have enough! Aside from the typical beanie, the baseball cap has made a huge comeback and makes any outfit stylish and too cute! To shop our baseball caps, click here.  

O is for Orange, this season’s trendiest color to wear! Shop our Orange Crush collection here!

L is for LoveStitch which is one of my favorite brands that we carry! One of my personal faves from LoveStitch is our Matter of Warm Malbec Cardigan

I is for Island Strong! Show your love for Long Island and shop our Island Strong products, click here

D is for Dresses! Maxi, midi, mini, printed, textured, you name it, we got it! To shop our dress collection, click here! One of our favs, the Field of Dreams Black Lace Maxi Dress is everything!

A is for accessories, and our favorite this season is the choker! It’s the hottest trend, ever! To shop our chokers, click here!

Y is for You! Don’t forget to treat yourself when shopping for gifts! Stay updated with our sales and events and join our mailing list!

S is for shoes, need we say more?! To shop our shoe collection, click here!

 we hope to see you all this holiday season! XO


  • Tory

    Love that black hat !!

  • Nancy

    Love me an Ooh holiday! Checked off a few on this list already lol

  • Megan

    great shopping guide! think i’m gonna get most of my holiday gift list done at ooh la la!

  • Allie

    I love the Lovestitch sweater!!

  • christine

    In love with the field of stream black lace dress! Great Post!

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