Fire Island Getaway

Posted on July 19 2017

      If you are looking for a summer day trip or a weekend getaway, Fire Island is the way to go! Hop on a ferry and wash away your worries at the beach or the bar in Ocean Beach, Fire Island. Take a ferry from the Bay Shore Fire Island Ferries terminal and in less than thirty minutes you'll be in paradise.

      No cars, no shoes, no worries once you are on Fire Island. The town of Ocean Beach has lots to do for people of any age! Walk down to the ocean side and soak up the sun all day long. You can easily explore the island's other towns by taking the water taxi, but Ocean Beach definitely has it all! If you are looking to have a few cocktails with friends you are in the right place! Happy hour or not, the bars and restaurants will always have you covered with drinks all day and night. Hit Houser's Bar and enjoy their signature Zippy Cooler cocktail in the sand and watch the boats cruise by. If you're hungry, have a nice sit down meal with delicious food at McGuire's! They also have one of the best sunset views in town. Go to CJ's bar for music, fun, and of course the island's most notorious drink, the Rocket Fuel! If you are craving a late night food fix, try Town Pizza's Cold Cheese slice with Boom-Boom will not regret it!   

     Last but most certainly not least, SHOPPING! You need to hit Ooh La La's Fire Island store. It is located on Bayberry Walk, right next to the Blue Waters Hotel. Everything you could possibly need is there! From clothes and accessories to beach towels, flip flops,and more! The staff is at your service and ready to style you from head to toe in Ooh so you can hit the town or the beach in style! Come explore Long Island's greatest treasure, Fire Island and of course stop in and shop Ooh La La, Ocean Beach. We'd love to see you there! xoxo

The "Rocket Fuel"

"Seas the day" Walk down to the ocean side and enjoy the beautiful beaches Fire Island has to offer!

Houser's "Zippy Cooler"

Town Pizza's Cold Cheese Slice with Boom Boom Sauce

Fire Island's Great South Bay sunsets are simply breathtaking


Ooh La La, Ocean Beach on Bayberry!

Stop by and Shop with us!



  • Penelope Gervais: August 12, 2017

    Love cold pizza almost as much as Ooh LaLa!

  • Corynn: August 04, 2017

    Fire Island is next on my summer bucket list! Can’t wait to try the pizza!!

  • Morgan Rogers : August 04, 2017

    Fire Island is my favorite place and Ooh La La is my favorite store so needless to say I am there all the time! Love the cheese slices too lol

  • nat: August 03, 2017

    I love Fire Island! Great pics! :)

  • Laura: August 02, 2017

    Relaxing days in Ocean beach are amazing! Sandy days in the sun. nothing but smiles and the best Sunset !! Music and Cocktails with a HOME hoodie by the water, great times!!

  • Cassie Berwick: July 28, 2017

    Who doesn’t love Fire Island. Good shops, food, and night life!

  • Kristen: July 25, 2017

    my favorite place to go in the summer! Gonna need to try all these things this year

  • christine: July 24, 2017


  • gina: July 23, 2017

    Love this blog! Perfectly describes an awesome fire island day!

  • Bri: July 22, 2017

    LOVE Fire Island such a great time!! :)

  • nancy: July 22, 2017

    OMG Yayyyy!!!Great post thanks for the tips! Im going there next weekend!! I cannot wait to try that pizza, relax on the beach and shop at OOH!!

  • Adrianna Moran: July 22, 2017

    Nothing beats a beautiful beach day filled with sun, yummy food, and shopping!!

  • Megan: July 22, 2017

    I haven’t been to ocean beach yet, and now I can’t wait to go! Perfect to-do list!

  • lisa: July 22, 2017

    what is the boom boom sauce????

  • Caroline: July 22, 2017

    Cold cheese & boom boom sauce…to die for! Fire island is the ideal place for all things fun!

  • Paula: July 22, 2017

    Sounds like a perfect day! Never tried a Zippy or cold cheese slice- can’t wait to try!

  • kathy: July 21, 2017
    Spent the day on fire island yesterday and just loved it! So much to do and such a fun spot. Can’t wait to go back!
  • sabina: July 21, 2017

    these beautiful pictures have me thinking about a trip to fire island! That pizza looks amazin!

  • Michaela: July 21, 2017

    Nothing like a Fire Island Getaway!

  • Kristen: July 21, 2017

    Will be making my annual visit in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to do ALL of these things! great post!

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