Prep your Pose!

Posted on October 28 2013

A few tips to put your best self forward!


  1. Stand at an angle: Shift your body so your hips are at a 45-degree angle to the camera.  This will slim you out and flatter your figure.
  2. Know the lighting: Bright, artificial lighting from above will cast unflattering shadows on your face.  Look for diffused softer light when being photographed.
  3. Know your angles: Make sure your photographer is always standing at eye level or even a little above you.  A picture taken from below is less flattering and will leave you looking heavier.
  4. Placement: Placing your hands on your waist (the skinniest part of your torso) will give you better posture and will also accentuate the small part.
  5. Slimmer limbs:  Place your hands on your waist instead of leaving them by your wide it will give your arms a thinner look.
  6. Put your best face forward: By keeping your chin up and your neck slightly extended it will give you the most flattering angle.
  7. CONFIDENCE: Let your confidence show through in every picture it will make a world of difference.  And if you are still working on self confidence then fake it till you make it because nothing looks better then a confident girl!! 


Here are a few poses from our Ooh La La Models! 




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  • jenny: November 03, 2013

    love these tips!

  • Vanessa: November 01, 2013

    great tips ill be sure to use!

  • alex: October 29, 2013

    whoa there seems to be a whole science behind this that i never knew about! awesome ill definitely try these from now on

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