DIY: Desk Organizer

Since the weather is getting colder, nothing is better than a nice cup of soup. And you will have lots of cans to show for it, why not put them to use! Craft your way to organization with this super cute desk organizer ! It is so easy and will make your desk colorful and fun!

Step 1: Things you will need 
5 empty soup cans
*Elmer's Spray Adhesive
*Hot glue gun

Step 2
Thoroughly clean 5 empty soup cans, and take off the labels. (I used different sized cans, but you can use all the same size also) 

Step 3
Thoroughly spray the can with Elmer's Spray Adhesive, so that the yarn will really stick to the can!

Step 4
Next wrap your favorite color yarn around the can. After wrapping a few rounds, turn the can upside down and continue wrapping. I found that working from bottom to top is much easier than working from top to bottom. I liked the "messy" look, so just keep wrapping! Then repeat for all 5 cans.

Step 5
Once each can is covered in yarn we are going to make them into a pyramid shape and connect them

Step 6
To connect the five cans we are going to use a hot glue gun. Glue the sides of the bottom three cans together first, the more glue the better they stick. Then glue the top of each of those cans to add the next two on top.  Then glue in between those two to add the last can on the top.

Step 7
Only thing left to do is add your pens, markers, scissors etc. and add it to your desk!


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  • Nik

    this is so neat!

  • Chelsea

    Cute idea!!

  • Kara

    So cute. Love this

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