Best and Worst of the Week!

   Stars dazzled and dubbed this week when hitting the streets! Here are some of the best and worst. What do you think?!


Kate Winslet owned the red carpet as well as proved to expectant mothers everywhere you can still "wow" 'em! 

Dianna Agron owned this pattern and look all together. I love that she kept her hair and makeup simple to allow the dress to do all of the talking!

Ouch! Ciara is doing it all wrong, the boots do not compliment the dress, and i'm not sure that dress compliments anything. Over the knee boots are huge right now but be careful when rocking them you do not make them look too costumey. Tisk Tisk Ciara! 

It's not the dress that I am not liking here, its the florescent color. The color of this dress is not helping Olivia Munn's fake tan!

I like what Olivia Wilde tried to do here. The top part of the outfit is great, along with the minimalist touch. However her pants are too wide and need to be tailored.


This Olivia rocked it, in my favorite look of the week. Palermo attended the Ellie Saab show in leather cigarette pants and a Nina Ricci jacket. She kept it simple and owned it! 


  • jenny

    Yay!! Great blog post! Love Olivia Palermo!

  • natalie

    aye! Looks like some of these celebs can use some style tips from us but i LOVE anything Olivia Palermo wears, she can pull anything off!

  • Jackie

    I love Kate Winslet’s dress she is soooo classy

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