This DIY (do it yourself) is revamping an old table someone left out for trash, well ones woMans trash is another's treasure! We wanted this piece to stand out in our bright & fun warehouse office. Here's the steps I took:
1. Wipe the table down, remove any dirt, tape or any hardware to make painting easier. 
2. Prime it. I used formica primer to prevent easy scratches or peeling. It'll also adhere to the paint you later put on & won't cause it to bubble.
3. I used a fun, bright yellow paint! Yellow stimulates your mind & gives you an optimistic ego & spirit, great for your working environment, plus its just pretty!
and ta-da! Here's our end results, turning it from shabby to chic!


  • Kate

    refinishing furniture is my favorite because it makes your home completely unique.

  • vanessa

    this is so cool! I love all the decor

  • Janine

    DIYS are awesome i love this whole room!

  • chelsea

    Love the pop of color!!!!

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