Find the perfect pair of black pumps!

When picking the classic black pump that EVERY girl should have in their closet their are some things to keep in mind when shopping for it.

Quality. This is a shoe you hope to keep around for a while & you'll probably get several uses out of so making sure its a good quality is important. Look at the attachment of the shoe to heel to make sure its glued properly. Also make sure their are no gaps. 

Height. Keep the shoe you pick around 3 inches tall or less. You'll last the whole night in them!

Material. Try going for leather uppers & cushioned soles that'll form to your foot. Matte leather is very breathable, try looking for a pair in that material.

Style. It's important to avoid trends, remember this is something that should remain a classic, so the less embellishments the better!   

Happy Shoe Shopping!



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