Airport Style

When traveling, it is important to be comfortable, but PLEASE do not resort to wearing PJ’s. (Some) Celebrities have mastered the art of casual cool airport outfits. Here are some Hollywood “IT” girls to show you the right way to travel in style.

Rachel Bilson

Kate Bosworth

Keira Knightley

Rooney Mara

Selena Gomez

Some tips to remember are:

1. Wear a big scarf. This doubles as a blanket or pillow when necessary. 

2. Keep it loose. You want to make sure you're comfortable and able to move around easily. Harem pants or leggings are the best!

3. Layer it up. Make sure you are bringing a sweater as well as a t-shirt or tank for the changes in temperature. 

4. Carry a pair of sunglasses. They are great for keeping the light out when you are trying to sleep and also can hid your face when you are not feeling your best. 

5. Wear flat shoes. Your feet will swell in the air and the last thing you'll want is to have uncomfortable shoes. Bringing a pair of fuzzy socks to wear on the plane helps too.

6. Bring a pillow! Trust me, it's necessary. 


  • Christina

    Airports outfits are lots of fun to pick out. Great job, Lisa! You mentioned everything I try to remember when choosing my outfit! <3

  • Jenny

    great blog lisa!!

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