Style Crush: Gigi Hadid

Posted on March 04 2016

We know she's a super model and all but.... every time Gigi Hadid steps out, she is dressed to kill! From her glam red carpet looks to the streets of LA, Gigi looks good in everything she wears. Don’t know how that’s possible but it’s true. See for yourself.

This is self explanatory, Gigi looks flawless on the red carpet! 

Okay okay, we know she doesn't style herself for photoshoots but we can't help but think these outfits were made for her to wear.  And we know she'd totally rock these out on her own! 

Her street style is what really stole our hearts! She can rock anything from a boho babe look to sexy and sleek ensemble!  

What's your favorite Gigi-look?! 


  • Ash: March 15, 2016

    Gigi is EVERYTHING I’m actually so obsessed I don’t think its normal

  • tania: March 09, 2016

    shes absolutely perfect!!!!

  • christine: March 09, 2016

    Beautiful as always!

  • Megan: March 07, 2016

    Shes perfect!!!!

  • Christine: March 07, 2016

    Love all the pics, she looks great in everything

  • gina: March 06, 2016

    Ugh why can’t i just be Gigi :’( She rocks the boho look so well

  • Shannon: March 05, 2016

    Gigi is such a great style inspiration! She’s so gorgeous and can wear anything!

  • dee: March 05, 2016

    Such a pretty looking gal! I love that black spiked jacket

  • carina: March 05, 2016

    I’m in love with that gorgeous red dress

  • Victoria: March 05, 2016

    she is so perfect!!!!

  • Brittanie : March 05, 2016

    She is just so effortless and beautiful!

  • Cassie Berwick: March 04, 2016

    Gigi you are an idol to so many girls! Your fashion sense is so trendy. Love her and her outfits of choice.

  • Bri: March 04, 2016

    love love LOVE her!!

  • Dominique: March 04, 2016

    Gigi is deff my woman crush, love her street style! So effortless but still so cute and chic!! Love her

  • kathy: March 04, 2016

    LOVE every picture I ever see of her…photo shoot, red carpet and out and about living her life.

  • Lisa: March 04, 2016

    How can you pick one?? I love them all!

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