How to have fun on a budget

Credit card bills and spending got your stressed? Relax and try these five easy tips on how to have fun on a budget.

Five ways to have fun on a budget

Have a girl’s night in.
You supply the location and ask your friends to supply the food and drinks. Don’t forget pintrest has an endless amount of DIY ideas for decorations and party games!

Pack your lunch
Eating out adds up especially if you buy lunch daily. Packing lunch not only will help your wallet but your waistline. Pack healthy lunch choices and pack some snacks too, your wallet and jeans will thank you!

Do your own mani/pedi
Mani pedi prices vary by salon, but an at home mani pedi is by far your cheapest option and can be a very relaxing process. Light some candles put on some relaxing music and take your time on your bad hand.

Check your emails
Emails can be overwhelming sometimes, depending on how many you receive daily. Emails usually are sent to notify or promote something, and when you’re tightening up your budget sales and promotions are important.

Make your coffee at home
Lets do some math, how much is your go to coffee? How many times a week do you drink it? Take question one multiply it by question two… is anyone else horrified?


  • Megan

    I spend soo much money on Starbucks!!!

  • Jaimie

    Homemade coffee all the way.

  • bryana kern

    Love these tips! I always bring lunch and make my coffee for school!

  • dee

    I usually do my own nails. Its so much cheaper plus I think I do a great job doing myself too!

  • victoria

    I am guilty of eating out (often) and buying starbucks (way too often).. thanks for these tips!

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