LOL.... (Looks Ooh Loves)

In the ever evolving world of fashion, beauty, dieting, and fun, trends are always changing.
So while you may not miss that weird popped collar polo phase or your super thin eyebrows, you may secretly miss your sweatsuit or that time you had bangs. Either way one things for sure when it comes to trends,they come and go. While some we may wish never came at all, others we may have a hard time letting go of.
Beauty trends are no acception to the "come and go rule", in fact makeup and hair cuts can go from trendy and hip to tragic and cringe worthy faster then Drake goes from 0-100 (aka real quick).

BUT one beauty trend we are TOTALLY crushing on                         
(and I don't think you'll look back on with an "OMG what was I thinking")
Is the matchy matchy lip liner lip stick look 

Making your lips standout only draws more attention to your smile, and who doesn't love a good smile, or super symettrical pouty lips. Lining your lips can help illude to a more even shape while the lipstick will bring on the pout which is always nice ! Plus with this trend you can choose whatever color you like best!

***Our only disclaimer be careful not too over line your lips or else you may have that OMG what was i thinking moment in 5 years***

P.S. Jennifer Aniston ROCKED The Rachel.


  • Cassie

    Love the pouty lip look. Just gives a girls facial complexion a little sassiness. Who doesn’t love to look a little glamorized with a splash of sassy every once in a while.

  • Christine

    I wish I had big lips too!

  • victoria

    LOVE bold lipstick!! (embracing my big lips) !!

  • de

    Love this!!

  • Bri

    Love the Rachel- idk if I would be gutsy enough for it but it does look fab on Jenn

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