Fine as Wine!

Posted on January 13 2016

With the new year, comes new trends, and I must say wearing clothes inspired by my favorite drink of choice, wine is the best trend yet! This season’s color trends are all about warmth, pinks, blushes, berries and wine tones from your lips to your toes. I’ve put together some of our favorites at Ooh, featuring these must-have shades to inspire your winter look.

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite, whether it is rosé, or merlot and check out the latest styles at Ooh la la!

To shop any of these items click the images below. To see our entire collection visit any one of our locations or shop our





  • t: January 20, 2016

    loving the red dress!

  • christine Morello: January 17, 2016

    love the dress, i have it in black so cute

  • Hillary : January 17, 2016

    The red dress is SUPER comfy and looks amazing on

  • chelsea: January 16, 2016

    Love both colors!! That dress is great!!

  • Shannon: January 14, 2016

    Love the red dress! super comfy and cute looking! Could totally use that in my wardrobe.

  • Dominique: January 14, 2016

    Super cute!!

  • Brianna: January 14, 2016

    Love the colors!I’m more of a rose girl for wine but shopping at Ooh … both of these colors are pretty much a necessity! :)

  • Victoria: January 14, 2016

    such pretty, fun colors.. I love!

  • Ashley : January 14, 2016

    Rose all the way !!

  • ruby: January 14, 2016

    I don’t know what I love more, wine, or these colors! ;)

  • julianne: January 14, 2016

    lovin’ both of those colors !!!!!

  • Carina: January 14, 2016

    such pretty colors

  • bryana kern: January 13, 2016

    I love that hat! Perfect weather to wear my purple one!

  • dee: January 13, 2016

    Love both of those colors!

  • kathy: January 13, 2016

    love those colors! so warm and pretty

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