Behind The Scenes Of An Ooh la la Photoshoot

 The Brief: Shooting some off site pictures for trends on Ooh La La's website!

 The Inspiration:   We were inspired by a romantic day in the park. Whether it is having a picnic or a quiet stroll around the lake. Like fashion, desserts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. We wanted our Sweet tooth trend to induce serious sweet cravings!

The Location: We shot pictures at Sweet Street, Coldstone Creamery and a cute little cupcake shop in Babylon village.  We wanted to capture everyone's sweet tooth!  Babylon's Argile Park was perfect for our Day in the Park trend.  We had shots of Heather by the lake, sipping wine as she relaxed, and having a picnic in the grass!

The Wardrobe:  Our sweet tooth trend showcased daring prints and mouthwatering colors inspired by sugary sweets.  For our Romantic day in the park we used anything from a sexy backless romper to a cute sundress to chic blouse and white pants!

The Result: You can find different trends on Ooh La La's website every week!

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