Weekend Pick!

Well it's Thursday people! We've made it over hump day and now it's time to get serious about what we're doing this weekend! Whether you're getting ready for Japanese Restaurant Week or just going out with some girlfriends... the most important question is WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?

Ooh La La's Secret Garden Dress is the perfect investment if you don't own this dress already. First things first this dress flatters everyone. If you're someone who likes to wear your clothes more flowy (like myself) then just throw it on and go! Or you can add one of our cute belts! My other favorite part about this dress is it's like a convertable. You can roll the sleeves all the way down or button them up as seen above. Depending on the weather... and I must say it looks great with black tights, leggings, and boots for a more dressed down look.

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