Snow Day Fashion!

The snow may wreak havok on your daily routine, but that doesn't mean it should do the same to your style! With a blizzard coming right for the North East, it is best you know a few tips on how to keep your looks hot on such a dreary day.

1- Throw on a bright beanie so you pop when surrounded by a white wonderland.

2- Fur on the trims of gloves and scarves add a touch of glamour.

3- Oversized knits are great for layering

4- Winter white or Ivory jeans stand out during snow storms! Also when white jeans get wet the color will not bleed like most blue or colored jeans do.

5- A fun colored infiniti scarf such as coral, compliments the snow in the best way possible!

6- Make sure you have a waterproof jacket, suede and silk are not meant for snow.

You now know all you need to, to transform you into a Glam Snow Bunny!

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