How To: Dye Rice!

Rice is cheap and versatile! At Ooh La La we keep rings in place by filling jewelry dishes with rice. It's super cute, especially if you dye the rice like so:


1 cup white rice (I use jasmine)

1/2 cup white vinegar

liquid food coloring

container with a tight-fitting lid



cookie sheet

Step One:

Mix 1/2 cup vinegar with however much food coloring you desire in the container! I used five drops of red to create a pretty light pink, sprinkle pink!

Step Two:

Pour in 1 cup white rice. Put on the lid and shake it up! Allow the mixture to sit for about five minutes, shaking occasionally.

Step Three:

After about five minutes, pour the rice-vinegar mixture through the sieve and rinse well with cool tap water.

Step Four:

Line cookie sheets with newspaper. Evenly spread the rice across the newspaper and allow it to dry in a dry, preferably sunny place.

Step Five:

When all dried, use it for fun crafts or to help secure jewelry like we do at Ooh La La! (:

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