Starbucks at home!

Okay so anyone who knows me would tell you I'm addicted to starbucks, but getting venti's twice a day definitely takes a toll on my bank account. For anyone with the same problem as me, I found a solution- Home Made Iced Caramel Macchaitos! For this simple recipe you will need:

• Ice
• 2 Shots of Espresso
• Caramel Sauce
• 8-9 Oz of Whole Milk (or Lowfat or Skim)
• Vanilla Extract

Step 1: Drizzle the inside of your cup with caramel (the more the merrier I always say!)
Step 2:  Place the ice in your cup and slowly pour in the milk (This will prevent the milk from flushing the caramel off the sides of the glass!)
Step 3: Add a few drops of Vanilla Extract to the milk
Step 4: Add both shots of expresso by carefully pouring them over milk, top it off with caramel, and voila- you're delicious drink is ready to enjoy!

Tips: For a stronger drink, use more expresso & for a sweeter drink use more caramel. And use the money you saved to buy some brand new fabulous clothes from Ooh La La in stores or online at


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