How to Pick the Right Color Clothes to Compliment Your Hair Color

How your clothing color relates to your hair color is an important role in your overall style. It does not matter if your hair is naturally that color or comes from a bottle. Most women can stand in the mirror and look at their outfit and realize if it looks good or not, but many may not know why an outfit looks good or not. Sometimes it may not be the shape, fabric or fit of the garment, but it simply may be that the color of the outfit does not correspond well with your hair color.

  Have you ever dyed your hair a completely different color and noticed that some of your clothes looked better or worse on you? Well, it due to the fact that certain hair colors go with certain clothing colors better. Knowing which color tones and families go with your hair color can save you time and frustration when sopping. It can lead you to exactly what color will look best on you. Eventually, once you learn all the colors that look good with your hair color, your closet will be full of complimentary clothing. This will make it easier to pick out an outfit and know that it will look good you. This being said, if you drastically change your hair color, say from brunette to pure blonde, you may have to go out and buy new clothing also.

  Try to commit at least 3-4 colors from your hair color group to memory for your future shopping trip. Do a little test and try on the same top, one in a color that compliments your hair color and one that does not. Which one looks better on you?

  The following are the clothing colors that best suite the hair colors.

Brunette and Black Hair: cool reds, hot pink, black, pure white, turquoise,    royal blue, fuchsia, cool pastel colors, bright yellow, and bright red

Red Hair: earth tones, camel, light green, orange, pale gold colors, and brown

Blonde Hair: chocolate brown, camel, gentle earth tones, orange, peaches, navy, and bright greens

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