Layering 101

Fall is amazing here on Long Island, but sometimes the weather is a little unpredictable. A beautiful day of 70 degrees followed by a breezy night in the low 60’s. So what’s a fashionista with a busy schedule to do? The answer is simple: layer. Putting together a cohesive outfit that can easily adjust to the change in the temperature is all about planning.

Layering 101

Don’t add bulk at the base.
A bulky base layer leaves no room for layering. Make sure your bottom layer is more of a basic and is more fitted. Check out some of these Ooh examples, and click any of the images below to shop them in our online boutique:


Don’t be afraid to show a little leg.
Fall is not a death sentence for bare legs. Skirts and dresses are great for fall. You can layer up on top, wear high boots, high socks, even leggings for later in the day to keep warm.




Sweaters and vests look great and add some warmth.
Adding a sweater or a vest is a great way to style an outfit, and add some warmth. With different styles, textures and silhouettes adding this layer will not only show your off your own personal style, along with adding some flare to your outfit. Ooh has a look for every style.



A scarf and a hat to top it off.
Big bulky scarves are all the rage this fall. Worn like a scarf or a shawl, they are cute and a great layer to add to any ensemble. Adding a hat to an outfit is a super stylish layer that completes any type of look, from laid back to cool.

Happy Layering my loves!

Xo Ashley


  • christine

    Great pieces!

  • Tania

    love the hat look this season.. one of my favorite accessories!

  • Chelsea

    One of the reasons I love fall is because of all the layering!! Love a good scarf and vest!!

  • christine Morello

    love the blanket scarves so cozy

  • Ashley Nicole

    I deff need more vests ! Loving the layering look.

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