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Posted on October 02 2015

There is no better way to start October than with a roundup of
the latest and greatest gossip headlines from yours truly :)

What do you Mean Bad Boy Biebs making a return?

Justin Bieber had been on the road to reputation recovery that would be solidified upon the release of his new album Nov. 13, but it looks like the Biebs was practicing some of his old ways yesterday. While performing with Rae Sremmurd in New Zealand Thursday Justin chugged from a bottle of Hennessey and smoked a mysterious "cigarette" while onstage. But in true Biebs fashion he acknowledged his drunken antics on Instagram, and posted a video of the wild performance and captioned it, "I ain't got no type #drunkjustin." Honestly, he's young and he just wants to have fun!

Pretty in Pink

Rihanna, Looking lovely as ever, attends Christian Dior's runway show as part of Paris Fashion Week.

Kendall Jenner reveals, almost all

The model and reality star revealed all in a sexy black Balmain ensemble that included a lace-up halter top that exposed her shiny nipple ring in all its glory and a pair of sheer black chiffon pants that showed off her tush! Those Kardashian/Jenner ladies really like to leave no room for imagination, lol!

Selena Gomez is on top of the world!

After being scrutinized by evil media haters about her body in a bathing suit after photos from her private vacation in Mexico were revealed she is shaming the haters by being happy, confident, and successful, of course! She is preparing to release her latest album 'Revival' on October 9th. She also was the cover girl for Elle Magazine's October issue and Flare Magazine's November issue. You go Selena!

Hot new couple alert!

The latest Hollywood celebs to be getting up close and personal are Rita Ora & Travis Barker! We still have a crush on Travis from the Blink 182 days, lucky Rita!




  • Tania: November 11, 2015

    Travis and Rita LOVE!!!

  • Taylor: October 13, 2015

    OMG kendall WTF!

  • Christine: October 08, 2015

    Their is nothing like Dior

  • michaela: October 07, 2015

    Omg what is up with Beibs

  • nikki: October 05, 2015

    first time ever im not feeling Kendall, i think being risque is totally fine just doesnt suit her

  • Megan: October 05, 2015

    Selena looks so pretty ! Love her!

  • jaimie: October 05, 2015

    Selena Gomez is the cutest. The rest of these people I could do without…

  • Ashley Nicole: October 04, 2015

    I’m loving this blog, I have such a crush on Beiber its honestly embarrassing.

  • christine Morello: October 04, 2015

    Rhianna looks great!!!!

  • Nicollette: October 04, 2015

    Go Selena, she looks amazing!

  • Brianna: October 03, 2015

    Love Selena you go girl!
    but OMG love Travis!

  • Gabrielle : October 03, 2015

    Love Selena’s cover of ELLE. I have this months ELLE, her editorial outfits are beautiful.

  • gina: October 03, 2015

    I’m lovin’ Travis and Rita as a couple!

  • Dominique : October 02, 2015

    Rihanna is killin it like always! Love her! And Kendall Jenner can seriously pull off anything loving her PFW style!

  • dee: October 02, 2015

    I’ve always been a big fan of Rihanna, shes so purdy! As for Kendall Jenner, her outfit it very inappropriate. I guess shes following in Kim’s footsteps; the next thing you know, there will be a sex tape of her!

  • kathy: October 02, 2015

    love the background on rihanna’s pic! wow!

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