5 Fashion Rules to Break!

While trends are constantly evolving and changing, there is one thing we can be sure of when it comes to fashion—rules are meant to be broken. Here are some of the most common styling myths to break this fall:
  1. You CAN wear white after labor day. Such a silly "rule" this is! I definitely think all white outfits are better in the summer so you can show off your summer glow but through fall and winter, adding white to any outfit makes a sharp statement and it's classy. You can easily pair a white top with a printed bottom, for example our Naturally Noticeable Red Orange Skirt has white detail throughout so paired with a white cami, this beautiful outfit is complete, or if you want to wear your favorite white skinnies, throw on a cozy sweater and you are set, our No Worries Charcoal Fringe Sweater looks great with white jeans!
2. Black and Blue, we love you! This fashion rule still has believers but we are far from one. Blue and black look super-chic together. Our Viggo Jacket proves this rule must be broken!
3. Mixing Prints and Patterns. This rule can 100% be broken but it's easy to go overboard. Start subtle like pairing stripes with florals or an animal print with a bold printed item, that is always a good combo! In fact, our Groove On Up Brown Flared Pants have just the right grey detail, you can put on a solid camisole(we recommend black) and wear the Duda Grey Faux Fur Vest and wala! You have successfully and stylishly mixed prints and patterns!


4. Midi skirts are only meant for tall women, said no one ever! ;) If the skirt is right, it can add a striking, often retro appeal to any look. Midi skirts with a slight flare can be super-flattering on smaller girls, so as long as they’re paired with a tucked-in or slightly shrunken tops. Our Oh Button It Tan Midi Skirt is calling your name ladies!

  1. Silver and Gold together, yes please! Whether it's your jewelry or your dress, metallic's of any shade only compliment each other. Both our Flock of Feathers necklace and our Have It Allure Way Gold Dress are must haves while breaking this rule.

Here at Ooh la la there are no rules, wear what makes you feel great! Come break the rules and shop with us in any one of our locations or online anytime! #iloveooh


  • dee

    I don’t know how I feel about the midi skirt but I do know that I love pairing black & blue together!

  • gina

    I’m all for white on white and also mixing gold and silver but i can’t wait to try and break the blue and black rule!

  • Chelsea

    Totally agree you can wear white after labor day!! Love white jeans!! I have them on today with a summery/fall kinda top! Also I love black and blue together!

  • Megan

    Love this! So helpful!!

  • Bri

    LOVE this!!
    I own the high waisted pants the charcoal fringe sweater and just added the Viggio jacket to my Ooh collection!!
    Great tips!!

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