Hot Or Not?!

Posted on July 07 2015

Leave it to Hollywood for the fashion do's and don'ts! Here's who we think nailed it and who definitely didn't get it right this week! Do you agree?

Jenna Channing-Tatum wore a a Self-Portrait macramé lace midi dress to the premiere of “Magic Mike XXL” in Amsterdam. 
Uh oh Jenna is trying to steal some of the spotlight from her hubby! This is definitely a tricky dress, but she is working the hell out of it! Her hair, her makeup, she's killing it all! 

Elle Fanning was lunching in California in a lacy blue skirt, white knotted shirt, purple floral wedges and small Louis Vuitton holdall.
We are having a hard time coming to terms with horrible, clunky 90's footwear coming back. And with this outfit? Please remove them immediately. Adding a Louis Vuitton holdall with this outfit just screams I finally got a Louie and I need to carry it everywhere.  And if you're going out in public, for God's sake brush your hair! 

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted leaving her hotel in New York City in an Antonio Berardi white dress from the Resort 2016 collection paired with Jimmy Choo ‘Claudette’ sandals. 
You better WORK! Jennifer Lawrence wears white so well! This dress is a perfect fit and such a cute summer piece. Love this look on her! 

Caitlyn Jenner wore a multicolored sequin mini dress, a blazer, slingbacks and Disney princess clutch in NoHo, NYC.
This is just awful, we know she's style trying to feel out her style but we can't let this one go.  Why are you even wearing a sequin dress in the middle of the day, let alone with a Jetson's inspired blazer. And please give North her Disney princess clutch back you have no business carrying it! 

Cara Delevingne was at the premiere of “Paper Towns” in Sydney, Australia in a Dion Lee circle cut long sleeve dress with Saint Laurent sandals.
Honey go home, wash your face, get shoes that fit and start over.  She reminds us of some kind of weird fish with this dress. Maybe a starfish clutch could have saved this costume, but she's in some desperate need of help! 


  • Lindsey: July 24, 2015

    Jenna and J. Law are looking fab as always!

  • Megan M: July 21, 2015

    Really love Elle Fannings look, so fresh and fun for summer!

  • Ashley Nicole: July 15, 2015

    Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing !! I’m dying for her

  • Chelsea: July 13, 2015

    Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning! Love her!

  • Nicole: July 12, 2015

    Wowwww Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely killing it! I’m so obsessed with that dress.

  • Dominique: July 11, 2015

    Cara is a goddess, totally obsessed with her and her style!

  • Taylor: July 10, 2015

    LOL to Cara’s toes. The little things we notice

  • nicolette: July 09, 2015

    Jennifer looks stunning, I actually weirdly really like cara’s makeup but def not the dress.

  • Victoria: July 08, 2015

    Jenna & jennifer are killing it!!! but i secretly hate jenna for stealing my man….

  • Michaela: July 08, 2015

    Looovvee Jennifer Lawrence’s dress! Cara Delevingne is so pretty the color really looks good on her

  • kristen: July 08, 2015

    jenna tatum is perfection!

  • dee: July 07, 2015

    Jennifer looks awesome…. Bruce on the other hand; not so good

  • kathy: July 07, 2015

    i agree 100% with you! LOVE jenna channing tatum and j lawrence! the rest just no, go home and start again!

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