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Posted on July 03 2015

Things are definitely heating up this week, just in time for the holiday weekend!
Check out the latest in the gossip world, brought to you by yours truly!

1. Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck announce Divorce.

Affleck and Garner announced on Tuesday that they were ending their 10-year marriage.
Sources told E! News that they had actually been separated for about 10 months. In the
wake of the divorce news,  the family is residing at their home in The Bahamas to spend
some private family time with their daughters 
Violet and  Seraphina and son Samuel while
news of their divorce continued to make headlines. So sad! If they can't make it, how will
anyone in Hollywood?

2. Bad Boy Diddy!

Sean "Diddy" Combs might be out of hot water. Sources tell NBC News that the
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has decided not to press charges
against the hip-hop mogul in connection with his June 22nd arrest  for allegedly
wielding a kettlebell during an altercation with a UCLA football coach while visiting
his son Justin on campus. He was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly
weapon and released on bail. Yikes, I would never want to be a coach for any of
his children!

3. Ew, Scott!

Scott Disick got super-cozy Thursday with his ex, Chloe Bartoli, a celebrity stylist
in romantic Monte Carlo. Scott was at the pool with Chloe, getting very touchy.
Bartoli is a celebrity stylist who has been linked to stars like Jared Leto. The Kardashian
Klan is apparently in denial, but come on, these pictures are horrible, and Chloe should
be ashamed. He is a father of three!

4. Kelly Kapowski welcomes 2nd baby!

On Wednesday (July 1), Tiffani Theissen gave birth to her second child, a son, Holt Fisher Smith. Congrats!

5. Bad Gal Ri Ri

In the seven-minute music video for "Bitch Better Have My Money," released Wednesday,
Rihanna and two sidekicks embark on a gruesome revenge plot. The singer and 
directed the clip, which includes nudity, torture and violence. Mads Mikkelsen and Eric Roberts
also appear in the music video. I would never mess with Rihanna after watching the video, lol!
Watch it here.



  • Chelsea: July 13, 2015

    Sad to hear about Jen and Ben, always thought they were so cute together. And those babies are both so adorable!

  • Dominique: July 09, 2015


  • Taylor: July 07, 2015

    LOVE riri. and ew scott way to be a jerk!

  • Olivia: July 07, 2015

    the end of Ben and Jen breaks my heart :(

  • Michelle: July 07, 2015

    Rihanna is awesome I love that song!

  • Nikki: July 06, 2015

    gotta admit rihannas video was pretty great, thanx for sharing

  • Victoria: July 06, 2015

    ew scott is disgusting…

  • Jaimie: July 06, 2015

    Poor Ben & Jen. I thought they were gonna be one of the Hollywood marriage success stories!

  • Megan: July 06, 2015

    Ahhh Scott! I heard he is asking for an “open relationship” SMH

  • Julianne: July 06, 2015

    Really Scott!! Ughh why did Jenn and Ben break up!

  • Kassie: July 05, 2015

    BBHMM is such a great video. And noooo Scott what are you doing?

  • Michaela: July 05, 2015

    Not cool Scott…

  • Megan M: July 04, 2015

    It’s totally time for Kourtney to leave Scott! And i’m sort of obsessed with Rihannas new music video, love the song.

  • dee: July 03, 2015

    I love Rihanna! Scott is a d-bag

  • Carina: July 03, 2015

    Wow! Scott so disappointing, I feel so bad for Kourtney, she’s had to deal with a lot from Scott

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