In the Know with Natalie!

Here is a little snippet of some of the major headlines this week in the celebrity world!

1. It's time to start Binge watching Season Three of Orange Is The New Black!
The series premiered early last night on Netflix, happy watching! :)

2. Johnny Depp's 16-year-old daughterLily-Rose who by the way is gorgeous,
has a strong chance of stealing his spotlight! Lily is about to star in her first movie,
‘Yoga Hosers,’ a horror-comedy about two yoga-avid girls planning to go to senior
party, but end up facing monstrous forces when everything goes wrong. Yikes!

3. Britney Spears said in a recent interview that if she wasn't a pop singer she
would love to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's nanny. Weird, but kind of funny!
Britney never ceases to surprise me!

4. Kimye, although she hasn't confirmed 100% are apparently having a
baby boy. She always wanted a boy and a girl, looks like her dream may
come true. Congrats to them! North is seriously so cute so I could imagine
their son would be adorable as well. Hopefully they don't name him a East
or South, aye!

5. Kylie Jenner, tried to go camouflage while grocery shopping with
rapper boyfriend Tyga, but it didn't work, LOL! Oh, and those BAPE
sweatpants cost about $300.




  • Megan M

    Can’t wait for Kim to have her baby! I’m so curious what they’re going to name him/her! South West?! Whatever it is, i’m sure it will be fab!!

  • Michaela

    Never seen an outfit quite like Kim’s before!

  • olivia

    johnny depp’s daughter is beautiful!!

  • dakota

    This is Great Nat! Lily is gorgeous! And everyone has been talking about Orange is the new black I might have to start it on netflix!!!!!

  • queen bee

    cant wait to watch orange is the new black!! yay!!

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