Splurge vs. Steal

There are some thin lines when it comes to fashion, classy not trashy, comfy not frumpy so on and so forth.
It’s my personal belief that rules are made to be broken but just beware that comfy cool can quickly turn into
heinously homely if you aren’t careful.

We can't deny that Kim Kardashian has had her struggles when it comes to her style, but you have to hand
it to her she is always trying new things. Kim’s looks are always evolving, from platinum blonde hair and a
high fashion style to a ponytail and a hoodie, her looks are always one to watch.


Kim’s comfy cool and chic look here is a perfect any day look. It looks like she just borrowed Kayne’s
hoodie threw on a tank, some fab fitted jeans, and some feminine pumps, effortless but interesting.
While Keeping up with the Kardashians always gives me some great style ideas and some laughs, I was
not trying to keep up with the price of Kim’s designer look, especially that hoodie!

Kim’s look:

Hoodie: Haider Ackermann $1,234.00
Jeans: J Brand $218.00
Pumps: Saint Laurent $645.00

Let me just say it one more time, Kim’s hoodie is $1,234.00...let that sink in for a moment.

But fear not my Ooh la la lovers, as usual Ooh is here to keep you looking stylish while keeping some
money in your clutch.




Ooh’s look:

Hoodie: Zip to Zip Black Sweatshirt $73.50
Jeans: The New Classic Dark Gray Pants $66.00
Pumps: Ready for Anything Nude Suede Pumps $47.00
Phone Case: Pineapple Express iPhone Case $16.00

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  • Megan

    Love a cheaper Kimmy K style && this is perfect!

  • Nikki

    that kimmy is cray cray..

  • Jill

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  • Natalie

    You know how I feel about Kim ??? & her style is ??

  • Taylor

    Wow most expensive hoodie I’ve ever seen! So not worth it

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