We've Got Spring Fever!

Does anyone else feel like this winter has been dragging on FOREVER?!
We are SO READY for spring to just get here already. Here are fives way to get ready
for spring, and some of the newest floral acessories from our boutique.

1. Brighten up your beverage.

Put down the hot chocolate, gingerbread peppermint Christmas in a cup latte and drink
something light and bright. Water with ice, cucumber, lemon, and agave, is sure to leave
you feeling fresh and happy!

2. Surround your self with spring colors.

You know the saying, "If the Mountain won't come to Mohamed, Mohamed will go to the
mountain"? Well, this has to be the new philosophy for spring. If spring doesn't want to
happen, then we have to make spring happen. So get your favorite pastel mani, grab your
TMG flowered halo, and fight the winter blues by surrounding yourself with beautiful
Spring colors!

3. Lighten up your makeup.

I love a red lip and some winged eyeliner as much as the next girl, but this obnoxiously long
winter is starting to turn my soul as black as my eye liner, it's time to lighten things up.
Remember those fabulous sunny days when your make up was minimal? Just a nice tinted
moisturizer, quick mascara, and a light sheer lip. Let's bring those back!

4. Do your spring cleaning.

It may not feel like spring is here, but winter clutter is certainly not helping with your case of
the winter blues! The holiday gifts you got from your crazy aunt that you have no idea what to
do with, and that sweater you swore you would wear this winter but didn't have no place
crowding your space and adding to your winter funk. Lighten your load by de-cluttering your
space. And remember anything in good condition that's just not for you anymore could always
be donated. Helping others is a great way to cure your winter blues!

5. SHOP.

Shopping for new clothes is always fun, and now is the perfect time to shop. Whether you buy
new spring clothes or you score a great deal on marked down winter items, you'll be sure to leave
satisfied! Sounds like the perfect way to catch spring fever.

Check out the adorable floral accessories above, available in stores and online:
My Darling Daisy Earcuff and Stud Set
Floral Vibes Fanny Pack
The Tara Floral Halo


  • Taylor

    I love me some EOS and I down lemon water like its my job.. well my other job : )

  • Kassie

    All of this stuff is perfect for summer concerts !

  • dani

    Love the fanny!

  • Laurie

    Love the floral vibes fanny pack!

  • Courtney

    love this! the water with lemon looks so good!!! and the fanny pack is too cute!

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