Girls' Night: In or Out?

Posted on March 27 2015

Whether your clique is the sit home, snack on everything and drink unholy amounts of wine,
or the pregame and hit the town type, we have just what you need for your next date with the gals!
Wherever the night takes you, this look will have you ready for anything with six fabulous pieces!

The Outfit:

Clear Water Light Wash Jeans - $62 :: These will be your new “everyday jeans” I promise you!
With subtle fading throughout, these are effortlessly cool and casual. Their universally-flattering
skinny fit and slight stretch take them from good to great.

Basically Cool Peach Tank - $22 :: The coolest outfits always being with the most basic foundations,
like this tank! The fit, the color, need I say more?

Feeling Quilty Beige Purse - $32 :: This petite little purse is everything you need and more. It has
just enough space to fit your phone, lipstick, did I say phone?! Lol. It’s cross body, and the color
is perfect, it goes with everything.

So Very Classic Mini Gold Hoops - $14 :: You can never go wrong with a pair of gold hoops.

Staying In:

Pair this look with the Calling For Charm Scarf - $22 :: It is just what you need when you feel like your
outfit is missing that one little thing. The scarf is super soft, the print is beautiful and the colors against
the peach tank and light wash denim create a beautiful spring palette!

Going Out:

Simply add the Lynette Ivory Blazer - $72 and voila! You are ready to hit the town, looking chic as ever!
The scarf can stay on or you can take it off before going out, there are no rules!

Some of my favorite things for girls' nights!


Capri Blue Volcano Candle - $36 :: An Ooh best seller. This candle is formulated to burn for hours
with an en enduring fragrance. The natural essences and containers crafted from recycled glass
add something special to the room.

Love Story Temporary Tattoos - $22 :: While you girls are enjoying each other’s company and gushing
over this, that and the other, each of you should try one of these temporary tattoos. They spice up any
outfit! Put them anywhere you desire, and it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Drink option:

Apothic Red is my favorite wine lately. It is a blend of primarily Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet
Sauvignon. The taste is Smooth and ripe with tangy fruit and notes of mocha and chocolate. Trust me,
you will love! And a tip that will help you if you are a red wine girl, cut up lemon and rub it on your teeth
and gums to instantly take away the dreaded red stained

What to Play:

Cards Against Humanity If you haven’t already played this game, I highly suggest, it is so entertaining
and will have you laughing you’re a** off!


Have fun, ladies!




  • Chelsea: April 08, 2015

    Love that scarf!! and the pink tank is such a great one to have for summer! Soft and such a good color with a tan!

  • dee: April 03, 2015

    I never played cards against humanity… def gotta play it one night!

  • Jaimie: April 02, 2015

    Is there anyone who doesn’t love that candle? I burn mine almost every night! Yummm.

  • Victoria : April 01, 2015

    these pieces are great! Cards against humanity always has me peeing my pants!!

  • Courtney: March 31, 2015

    love the blazer!

  • kristen: March 30, 2015

    how cute!!!

  • Ashley Nicole: March 30, 2015

    I Love this blog and cards against humanity is amazing! Cant wait to wear the flash Tattoos when it gets a little warmer.

  • Kassie: March 28, 2015

    That white blazer is gorgeous and Apothic Red is my favorite red wine <3

  • dakota: March 28, 2015

    Love all of this!!! Especially the volcano candle and the tattoos :)

  • kristen: March 28, 2015

    How cute!!!! Love that outfit

  • Carina : March 28, 2015

    Those jeans are such a nice color and they look so comfortable

  • Courtney: March 27, 2015

    Love that candle its my favv

  • kathy: March 27, 2015

    i really love those jeans and the blazer is perfect over everything!

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