Ooh la la Staff Favorites: Headquarters

Posted on February 26 2015

At Ooh la la Headquarters, we get the first look at all the amazing clothes we
have in stores and online. Lucky us! This month, we're letting you know the items
we instantly fell in love with.

Click on the photos below to shop any of the items in our online boutique.

Megan's Pick: Born To Run Black Pants
"It's a rare occasion if I'm not wearing black. The waxy finish makes
these pants perfect to dress up or down! But best of all they are such
a good fit and super flattering (says a lot coming from me because I
normally hate any bottoms that aren't leggings)." 

Laurie's Pick: All About That Lack Black Dress
"This was a tough decision, we have so many cute dresses, but I
had to go with this one because I just love lace so much!"

Jaimie's Pick: Sweet Ending Peplum Tank
"This is THE top for Summer! It's sweet without being too cutesy.
Love the color combination, and linen is the perfect fabric for warm days."


Nikki's Pick: One For The Rose Black Dress
"I'm loving the comeback of the 90's with these floral shift dresses, and
my favorite is the One For The Rose Black Dress. It's a great piece to
wear simply and pair it with sandals, but to really go for that 90's look and
to toughen it up, I wear it with a leather jacket & combat boots...all while
dreaming of Jordan Catalano. Hells yes."


  • Dominique: March 14, 2015

    The floral dress looks so comfy and stylish! Love them all!

  • Victoria : March 06, 2015

    cute picks! My fave is the black pants :)

  • Ashley Nicole: March 04, 2015

    LOVE these picks, i kinda need the floral dress now and i wanna wear it just like Nikki described.. sounds perfect

  • dee: March 03, 2015

    I have that floral dress… cant wait to wear it!

  • dee: March 03, 2015

    I have to floral dress… cant wait to wear mine

  • Courtney: March 01, 2015

    black rose dress i loovveee it! looks so pretty

  • Shaye: February 28, 2015

    Love these pics! That floral dress is adorable

  • Dominique: February 28, 2015

    The floral dress is beautiful!

  • Michaela: February 27, 2015

    The Born to Run Black Pants are so comfortable! They have a leather look to them and it’s so easy to dress them up or down! They’re a MUST buy

  • Kassie: February 27, 2015

    Good choices ladies :)

  • Natalie: February 26, 2015

    I love all these picks!

  • taylor: February 26, 2015

    these so happen to be my favorite piecec this month as well, except the tank.. sorry Jaimie ;)

  • kristen : February 26, 2015

    love those jeans! need them!

  • dakota: February 26, 2015

    Adorable picks!! Love them all :)

  • Chelsea: February 26, 2015

    Lucky ladies! Love the waxy jeans and the floral dress!!

  • kathy: February 26, 2015

    wow! i really like all the picks but i have to say my favorite is the rose black dress…super cute!

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