One Dress, Three Outfits

Do you ever find yourself complaining about not having anything to wear? How about not being able to wear something because you have a picture in it already? It’s time to ditch that mentality and learn how to take an item and wear it multiple ways; you have an abundance of beautiful get-ups just waiting to be discovered! 

The Modern Art Dress is silky and oozing with vibrant color. This piece definitely makes a statement by itself but there are ways to style it in such a way that no one will remember that Instagram picture of you in it 67 weeks ago.

The Feminine Way: Sleek, chic, and simple. Sporting this dress with a bare leg and booties is perfect for a girls outing in the city.
Switch of Demure Green Bag $148

The Preppy Way: Is the bold pattern a little too loud for your taste? Don’t sweat it; pair the dress with your favorite pair of black jeans and toss this buttery soft sweater on top to mute it out while still looking super trendy. This ensemble is perfect for a campus stroll or a lunch date.
Lowman Butter Sweater $80
Subtle Addiction Black Skinny Jean $56


The Cool Way: Not in the mood for a dress but looking for a “look at me” piece? Tuck the dress into these comfy pair of dark skinnies for a casual and effortless look. Take this outfit to your next concert or trip to hottest new art exhibit.
Subtle Addiction Black Skinny Jean $56


See? You don’t have to buy a brand new outfit every time you have an event!  Recycling pieces you've had in your closet for a while and creating something fresh and new not only saves you money but it also allows you to look fabulous in your favorite items without the fear of being recognized (for you outfit non-repeaters out there, you know who you are!).


  • Dominique

    Great ideas! Love them all!!

  • Chelsea

    Such a good idea! Looks so cute!

  • Taylor

    cool ideas!

  • Ashley Nicole

    I love the idea of taking one piece and creating so many outfits with it! Certainly helps stretch a dollar, and beat the “I already posted a pic in this issue”.

  • Kassie

    The third outfit is awesome ! Super cute

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