Tune In Tuesday: Valentine's Vs. Anti-Valentine's Edition

Posted on February 10 2015

Valentine's Day is all about the sappy love songs, unless of course you hate Valentine's (and in that case we have a little something for you guys too)! Whether you're just not a fan of Valentine's day, you're recently broken up, you're happily unattached, Valentine's Day lover, drunk in love, or sucker for a good love song, you've come to the right place. Here's a round up of our favorite Valentine's and Anti-Valentine's mixes! Let us know what you'll be listening to this Valentine's Day!




For The Lovers


  • Dominique: February 28, 2015

    Beyonce <3

  • taylor: February 21, 2015

    These are perfect play lists!

  • Bri: February 18, 2015

    LOVE John Legend!! <3

  • dee: February 16, 2015

    Great song pics… havent heard outkast in a while!

  • Victoria : February 14, 2015


  • Krystal Strafford: February 14, 2015

    OMG i love the john legend video!! so inspirational♥

  • Kassie: February 14, 2015

    All these songs are awesome :)

  • natalie: February 12, 2015

    Whitney! :( <3 love this!

  • dakota: February 12, 2015

    Love all these songs! Loooove john legend!!!

  • Jaimie: February 11, 2015

    Love me some Lily Allen. Sassy! #TeamSingle

  • bridget: February 11, 2015

    franki valli & the four seasons have been on my ipod all week !! i love his voice!

  • kathy: February 10, 2015

    just love beyonce!

  • Michaela: February 10, 2015

    Beyonce has to be my favorite! She’s a goddess

  • Gina: February 10, 2015

    All great songs but i’m gonna have to side with #TeamSingle :)

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