In the Know with Natalie!

A little round up of the most talked about gossip last week!

1.  Nominated for six awards this year, The Queen Bee herself, hit the stage to sing
“Take My Hand Precious Lord” before segueing into John Legend and Common’s
Oscar-nominated song “Glory” off the soundtrack to the film Selma. Common, Beyonce,
John Legend, all on one stage, at the same time? Woo-hoo! The Grammy's are my
favorite award show to watch during awards season.

2. It's been nearly two months since Kourtney Kardashian became a mom for the third time,
giving birth to son Reign Aston Disick on Dec. 14, and the reality star is almost back to her
pre-baby toned figure, wearing a sheer blouse showing major skin. How did she do it!? I feel
like the Kardashian/Jenner clan are aliens because no matter what you think or say about them,
they really know how to look good all day every day. #jealous

3. Just when you thought Katy Perry's dancing sharks didn't get enough attention during and
after the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show...On Wednesday, John Mayer, Katy's on and off again
singer "bae" guest hosted CBS' Late Late Show, and the famed dancing sharks from Katy's
performance were his first guests. These sharks are really making history!

 4. Bruce Jenner's mother Esther Jenner opened up to the press on Wednesday, Feb. 4, about
her son's talked-about gender transition from male to female, saying she was "more proud of him
now" than when he won his 1976 Olympic gold decathlon metal. What are your thoughts on this
entire situation with Bruce? It's literally on every news channel, magazine, everywhere!

5. The King and Queen of New York, Beyonce and Jay Z, obvi, are moving to L.A!? They have
made their final decision and have been house hunting in LA's ritzy areas, like Beverly Hills and
Bel-Air, must be nice!  They decided to make the move after being convinced by their friends
who live in LA, including Gwyneth Paltrow who heavily convinced Jay and Bey. Gwyneth was
telling them about the quality of life for her kids in L.A. and that really swayed Beyonce and Jay
to make the move. It’s all for Blue Ivy. I'm sad, now my chances of bumping into Queen B on the
streets of NY just decreased, and What happened to your Empire State of Mind, Jay-z?!




  • Dominique

    Hands down best part of the super bowl were the sharks

  • taylor

    I can’t stand Bruce!! But it is true the Kardash/Jenner clan does ALWAYS know how to look good

  • dee

    I just want to see what Bruce looks like when he transforms into a woman. Its going to be all over the tabloids; poor Bruce!

  • Kassie

    Those sharks are adorable <3 I feel bad for Bruce, I think the media should just leave him be

  • Ashley Nicole

    Kardashians do always look on point, and although LA is amazing I am so not happy about Jay and Bey’s move. What will NY do without our King and Queen ?

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