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Winter is here and it’s absolutely freezing, but when life gives you lemons,
you make lemonade. So, what better way to deal with this freezing weather
than a ski trip with the girls!?

Time to grab The Weekender and pack the essentials:



Our Home Navy Sweatshirt
Layers to keep you warm: Nothing makes me feel more comfortable,
or more at home when I’m away than my Home sweatshirt.

Weekend Wonder Ivory Top
A versatile top: This winter I have traded in my basic white tee for this
simple, versatile, and comfortable white top. This top was perfect to
wear lounging around with leggings or alone with high socks.

Plaid for Bad Red Plaid Leggings
Printed leggings: These leggings were perfect for lounging around
the cabin with the girls! The print is great for the winter and it allows
me to show off my style while still being comfy.

Volcano Candle
The smell of home: Once you smell this candle you will never want to
leave home without it. A clean, bright and calming scent makes anywhere
you go feel like home.

Pinot Noir
Something to warm you up! After a long day of enjoying winter activities
out in the cold there is nothing better than a great bottle of wine, and some
board games with the girls.

Dead Sea Mud Soap
A way to stay clean: Everything you need in one great smelling homemade
bar of soap. The Dead Sea Mud Soap exfoliates and moisturizers all at once.
Plus, did I mention it smells amazing?

Ray Bans
Squint prevention: My eyes are very sensitive and nothing blinds me more
than the snow, so I couldn’t leave home without my sunglasses. Plus, it
doesn’t hurt that these are super cute.



  • Rosie

    Volcano candle!!! THE BEST CANDLE!!! Thats a must have! :)

  • Courtney

    so cute!! love the ivory top its perfect for layering!!

  • Victoria D

    love this outfit! it looks so cozy!!

  • kathy

    cute outfit and i love the volcano candle, too. it smells amazing!

  • Michaela

    The Volcano candle smells so good! The leggings are super comfy!

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