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Nena & Co. was created by Alejandra Hynek in 2013. Her inspiration to start the company came from
her ancestry and years of receiving handicrafts from her grandmother made from typical Guatemalan
patterns. These hand made products are a true reflection of the Mayas culture with patterns and designs
that are truly amazing; each bag is more special than the next!

Beautifully hand loomed patterns and each one-of-a-kind, the Nena & Co. bags are uniquely handcrafted
and capture the magic and depth of the Maya people. When you purchase the bags you're helping create
jobs at home and also provide freedom from poverty for the beautiful, hardworking women of the Maya
highlands. The Nena & Co. bags are perfect for everyday, and also for your last minute trip anywhere in the
world, carrying the most stylish bag of course!

Nena & Co. are committed to giving back to the impoverished Maya families. Whether it’s providing
purified filtered water, or helping a child get an education, your purchase of a Nena & Co. bag will
help make a difference in someone’s life that is in great need. Visit their website to read further about
the company.

We are excited to share that we are now carrying Nena & Co. at Ooh la la! We have a limited supply of
The Day Bags, The Weekender Bags, and Camera Straps in our locations including Long Beach,
Rockville Centre, Babylon, Sayville and Huntington.



  • Sabina

    I’m so in love with these bags. they’re so beautiful, colorful, and creative in every way! they are definitely a MUST

  • Dominique

    Love the prints! Perfect for spring/summer!!

  • Brianna

    Love these bags soooo cute!

  • Kassie

    So adorable!

  • kathy

    absolutely love these bags….they are truly works of art!

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