Holiday DIY - Christmas Tree Dress

If you stopped by one of our locations this season you may have noticed our Christmas tree dress
window displays. We got the idea from Pinterest, but couldn't find any instructions so we figured it
out ourselves and the results were great!

Here's a step-by-step for any fashionistas out there who would like to make an unconventional
Christmas tree for their home. For this tutorial we are doing a basic full skirt and strapless top, but
experiment with different looks! For our windows we did ballgowns, tutus, high-low, one shoulder,
you name it!

What you'll need:

  • A dress form
  • Tree trimmings (you can ask your local tree farm, they might just give you some!)
  • Chicken wire
  • Burlap
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors and/or wire cutters
  • Decorations of your choice (we used everything from garland and ribbons
    to ornamants and bells - get creative!)

Optional but recommended:

  • Garden gloves (the trimmings are sappy and the chicken wire is sharp so protect your hands)

 A quick stop at the tree farm...


Gather up all of your supplies...


And we're off! 

What to do:

First, cut a piece of chicken wire large enough so when you wrap the waist of your form the ends meet.
Wrap and secure the ends in the back with floral wire. From there, mold slightly into a skirt shape.
It doesn't have to be perfect! The trimmings are what really forms the shape of the dress.




Next, start adding pieces of trimmings. You can secure them by sticking the ends into the chicken wire and then
tying with floral wire. For a fuller skirt, start from the bottom of the wire and work your way up, layering the trimmings
on top of each other. Keep layering until you are happy with the length and fullness of the skirt.




Now on to the top!
Take your burlap and wrap around the bust of the dress form, using the hem for the top if there is one.
secure in the back with floral wire (it should poke right through). Shape the top around the dress form
and trim off the excess fabric. I just folded the ends in on themselves and stapled it shut, but if you're
extra ambitious you can sew it.




It's okay if you can still see some of the dress form, you can fill in the empty spots with smaller pieces
of trim. For this dress, I wrapped a piece around like a belt and secured it with wire.

Now on to the fun part - decorating!
I wrapped silver glitter garland around the waist and let it hang down like a sash. I then took some
smaller pieces of the garland and fastened them to the top (again, with staples!) with some holly
to make a matching brooch.




And there you have it! A Christmas tree dress fit for Fashion Week!
We hear the Project Runway unconventional challenge calling our names, no?

Quick Tip: The tree will get dry after a while, so to maintain its health and shape, put some water in a spray bottle and spray generously every day or two.



 Check them out in action in stores:














If you make a dress, please let us see! Send pics to
or post to your social media with the hashtag #iloveooh


Happy Holidays!


  • gerry woelfel

    WOW This looks like a New York City window. I love it!

  • gerry woelfel

    WOW This looks like a New York City window. I love it!

  • Michaela

    Such a creative and cute idea! Ooh got so many compliments!

  • kathy

    i’m also excited to see what ooh is going to do with their windows and this holiday i was blown away! the tree dresses looked amazing…so creative and just beautiful!

  • Chelsea

    Love these!! So pretty!!

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