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Posted on December 11 2014

We recently shot some of our newest arrivals with Michelle Madonna, "That Madonna Girl".
It was such a fun shoot and afterwards she stuck around to answer some questions for us.
Learn more about the unconventional way she got her start below & check out her site here.

And don't forget to follow Michelle's Instagram and Twitter!


  • nikki: December 13, 2014

    what a great dream! love the halos

  • Bridget: December 12, 2014

    So cute!! Halos are my fave accessory!

  • Natalie: December 12, 2014

    Love this! It’s always such a pleasure working with Michelle, I love TMG!

  • Victoria D.: December 11, 2014

    This is adorable! I love her flower halos!! they’re all so pretty :)

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