Splurge vs. Steal

Posted on November 28 2014

It’s that time of year again. Happy Holidays, fellow fashionistas! On this month’s edition of
Splurge vs. Steal” we are featuring the queen herself, Beyoncé. This girl just can’t be stopped! Not only
does her music keep us dancing day and night, she is a trendsetter to the tenth degree!

I swoon over her outfit choices, but cringe at the prices. Take this shot from her Instagram for example…
how does one make looking cool so easy?
Top: n/a
Blazer: n/a
Pants:  Stella McCartney “Gold Lamé Pants” - $539.00
Shoes: J. Crew “Everly Cap Toe Glitter Pump” - $265.00
Total (not including top or blazer): $804.00
Just the pants for $539? I think I just felt my heart break.
This is the perfect bit of glitz for upcoming holiday parties; there must be another way!
That’s where the Ooh la la steal comes in!
Top: Let Loose White Tee - $13.00
Blazer: Big City Black Blazer - $55.50
Pants: Center Of The City Gold Sequin Leggings - $44.00
Shoes: Ready For Anything Nude Suede Pumps - $47.00
Total: $159.00
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Apparently all that glitters really is gold! Luckily the Ooh la la Steal is equally trendy
and allows for some extra funds for gift shopping.
Until next time ladies, Stay stylish.
Xoxo, Shaye


  • Taylor: December 09, 2014

    Love sequins!!!!!!!

  • Kassie: December 07, 2014

    Who doesn’t want to look like Beyonce?

  • Rose: December 03, 2014

    LOVE! Must have those leggings!

  • Courtney : December 03, 2014

    Queen B!! Love the sequin leggings!! What a steal for basically the same outfit!!

  • Courtney: December 03, 2014

    this is so good! love those pants!!

  • Julianne: December 02, 2014

    Love this!!! so cute

  • Ashley: December 02, 2014

    All hail Queen B ! I need those leggings

  • Chelsea: December 01, 2014

    Love the sequin leggings!

  • Krystal Strafford: December 01, 2014

    OMG!! love the outfit♥♥

  • dee: November 30, 2014

    I forgot I bought that white tee, never wore it! Going to try and mimic this look (minus the sequin leggings)

  • kathy: November 29, 2014

    the ooh la la steal is definitely in my budget! love the outfit!

  • Victoria D.: November 29, 2014

    Beyonce stays killin it! Gotta love the ooh steal!!

  • Bridget: November 29, 2014

    So cute!!! This is the perfect steal! Love!

  • Natalie: November 29, 2014

    Love this and love Beyoncé. I want to be her for one day, or maybe a bunch of days ;)

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