Megan's Must Haves: Home For The Holidays

Posted on November 25 2014

With the holiday quickly approaching and all you can think about is partying with your friends, family time, and lots of yummy food, you barely had any time to plan cute outfits for everything.  Don't worry we got you covered with perfect ensembles for everything from traveling, Thanksgiving dinner to Black Friday shopping! 


Travel Ready
When it comes to traveling,
there are three must haves:
Chic, Comfortable and Sleek.
We are always looking to turn heads,
and must go home in style!
Wishful Thinking Lani Sweater-$74
Anything Goes Grey Pants-$60
Brimming With Excitement Black Hat-$34
Switch Of Demure Black Bag-$148
The Cat's Meow Grey Scarf-$20



Wednesday Wow Factor  
You need that showstopping
outfit that will make all the boys
put you on their Christmas list.  
Sweetest Sin Black Dress-$82
Showdown Gold Clutch-$60
Evil Eye Gold Bracelet-$18
Ready For Anything Black Leather Pumps-$47





Pre-Thanksgiving dinner
is all about family and football.
So cozy up and chill out on
the couch with your love ones!
Double Life Black Tee-$32 
Juxtapose Marl Knit Sweater-$40
Warm Welcome Black Fleeced Lined Leggings-$24








Thanksgiving Dinner
We know what you'll be thankful
for this year, your cute
Ooh Thanksgiving ensemble. 
Plaid To Be Here Flannel Dress-$52 
The Goldie Floral Halo-$24
Heaven And Earth Whiskey Leather Boot-$120







 Battles Of Black Friday 
Comfort is the key to shop til you drop.  
We know you mean business with those
Black Friday Deals, so
just keep it simple and cute. 
I Eat Glitter For Breakfast Ivory Tee-$28
Alec Black Leather Jacket-$310
Real Control Black Leggings-$40
Bad Hair Day Ivory Beanie-$18










♥ Check out for The Dina Halo and The Kerry Halo ! 


  • Taylor: December 09, 2014

    I like all of these looks! travel ready looks so cute and comfty!

  • Kassie: December 07, 2014

    The travel-ready outfit is my favorite!

  • Brianna: December 01, 2014

    Love them all!!

    Love the color purple of that sweater!

  • Chelsea: December 01, 2014

    These are all so good!! Love the thanksgiving dinner outfit!

  • Krystal Strafford: December 01, 2014

    obsessed with all of these looks!♥

  • Julianne: November 28, 2014

    Must haves LOVE!

  • Alana: November 28, 2014

    Love all of these looks! all super cute and perfect for so many different occasions

  • Courtney: November 26, 2014

    absolutely LOVE the purple fuzzy sweater! so cute and cozy for this cold and rainy weather!!

  • Courtney: November 26, 2014

    These outfits are great!! good picks Megan!! the flannel dress is my favorite:)

  • dee: November 25, 2014

    Love the pre-gaming outfit! Just need a few beers by my side and i’m all set to go!

  • Rose: November 25, 2014

    love love !!! Flannel dress!!! Must have in Rosie’s closet!!!

  • Natalie: November 25, 2014

    all amazing!

  • Victoria D.: November 25, 2014

    these outfits are perfect!!! The thanksgiving dinner outfit is SO me

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