Megan's Must Haves: Fall Dates

Posted on October 17 2014

Fall is here! So make sure you take advantage of the crisp air and beautiful foliage! With so many fun fall activities,
there are endless possibilities for the perfect date with your boy. Since we have worn out every sundress in our closet,
we're super excited to go pumpkin picking in an oversized sweater or sip wine at the winerys with a cute shift dress
and denim jacket. Here are a few of our picks for the perfect fall date outfits! 

Besides the sheer fun and excitement of a haunted house, they are the
perfect excuse to hold on tight and squeeze your boo's hand during the
scary parts! So, if you are hanging on his arm you must look super cute! 

Full Swing Black Dress - $60
Lillian Black Jacket - $86
The Cat's Meow Grey Scarf - $20
Black Kitty Tights - $18 (Available In Store)

Nothing is more romantic than relaxing and sipping wine with your hunny,
so throw on a super cute shift dress and get to sipping! 

Bold Moves Burgundy Shift Dress - $58
Now And Denim Washed Denim Jacked - $36
Switch Of Demure Black Bag - $148

Being drenched in sweat has never been sexy, so a hike in the cooler
months is perfect for you and the boy.  So put on this casual (and cute
of course) get up and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Basic Instinct White Long Sleeve Top - $20
Bad Hair Day Black Beanie - $18
Huntington V-Neck Spirit Jersey - $48

Nothing screams fall like spending the day in a pumpkin patch
searching for the PERFECT pumpkin. Just so you won't have to make
two crucial decisions in one day, we picked out the perfect pumpkin
picking look! 

Fashion Philosophy Resin Jeans - $78
Seamless Nude Bandeau - $18
Create Your Own Sunshine Trucker Hat - $22
Talk Is Cheap Tan Bootie - $45
You're Getting Warmer Olive Sweater - $50


  • Jaimie: October 24, 2014

    That pumpkin picking outfit is just my style. In love with that sweater!

  • nik: October 22, 2014

    such great looks!

  • jenny: October 22, 2014

    im taking the winery trip outfit to greenport. thanks miss megan!

  • taylor: October 21, 2014

    Pumpkin picking outfit is adorable and I love the kitty stockings : ) meow

  • Shaye: October 20, 2014

    Obsessed… The Lillian black jacket is amazing I wear it all the time!

  • dee: October 20, 2014

    LOVE those kitty cat tights!!!!

  • stephanie: October 19, 2014

    those fall hike pants are sooo cute!! i love these looks

  • Julianne: October 19, 2014

    Love these too cute!

  • nicolette: October 19, 2014

    soooo cute! i love all these looks, the pumpkin picking outfit it my go to for the fall.

  • Brianna: October 18, 2014

    Love the hats!!! :] and that olive sweater.. I’m in LOVE!

  • Lisa: October 18, 2014

    These are so cute! Love those cat tights!

  • Victoria D.: October 18, 2014

    Looks like my next paycheck is going towards these super cute outfits!! i am obsessed

  • stephanie: October 18, 2014

    i love those looks! pumpkin picking outfit is so cute! now let me work on getting a boy……

  • Courtney: October 18, 2014

    ooh love the winery trip outfit. shift dress is perfect

  • kathy: October 17, 2014

    great outfits! love them all, especially hike and pumpkin picking :)

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