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Who's starting a family? Who's breaking up?
Plus, what the heck is going on with Amanda Bynes?!
Read on:

1. The most gorgeous couple ever, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds,
announced this week that they are expecting their first baby, who will
be the most gorgeous baby ever! The picture Blake released to announce
the exciting news was so beautiful. Just when you thought these two
couldn’t be more perfect, they prove you wrong ;)


2. Amanda Bynes is back on her twitter rants, claiming that she is going to

sue gossip magazines for releasing false stories about her. One magazine
claimed that she said she has a microchip in her brain and wants a dollar
for every person reading her mind. Wow! She claims that none of these
stories are true and that she is transferring to study fashion in NYC at either
NYU or Columbia. Amanda has had one crazy year; hopefully things will
turn around for her, but you never know. Stay updated with her twitter,
it’s pretty entertaining!


3. It’s officially over. Despite Robin Thicke’s continuous plea to give him

another chance; Paula Patton has filed for divorce from the singer in a Los
Angeles court this week, citing irreconcilable differences. Your loss, Robin.


4. Bruce Jenner has been sporting some really wacky looks lately! I saw

a picture of him last week wearing a tight top and supposedly a sports bra.
Strange, I know. This week he was seen at an Elton John concert with
long blown out hair. Maybe he’s just embracing the long hair look, but
not sure if I am really digging his new looks. What do you think?


5. Zoë Saldana, who is pregnant with twins, embraces her baby bump

on the cover of ELLE’s November 2014 issue and she looks flawless!
Zoë makes the eighth mama-to-be to grace her presence on ELLE’S
Magazine cover with a baby bump!


  • Krystal Strafford

    Okay.. Do you imagine waking up next to Bruce Jenner?! LOL very scary!! haha Finally Paula Patton is single!! I strongly dislike Robin Thicke♥

  • Taylor

    EW Amanda not again! and Bruce do you really need to blow out your hair! Terrible!

  • Chelsea

    Blake looks stunning!

  • Brianna

    Love Blake!!! This is going to be the best looking baby ever.

  • Lisa

    Love Zoe’s dress and that pic of Blake Lively is just precious

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