Tune in Tuesday: Throwbacks

The month of September is full of new album releases, so what's a better way to shine light on these artists
with upcoming album releases then to go back in time and share some of their throwback songs? They are
all very talented artists, and I look forward to hearing their new albums!

Lenny Kravitz's new album Strut, releasing September 23rd, is his 10th studio album.
A favorite throwback choice of mine by Lenny Kravitz is "Fly Away". This song is such a classic!
Jhené Aiko is on the rise and her new album Souled Out, releasing today, is definitely going to be a great one!
My favorite song of hers from November 2013 is "Stay Ready" featuring Kendrick Lamar.
Yes ladies and gents, Boyz II Men is coming out with their 11th studio album, Collide, on September 30th.
Woo-hoo! It was a very hard choice to pick a throwback favorite song by them, but I had to go with "Motown Philly."
50 Cent is coming out with a new album on September 16th titled Street King Immortal. I must say,
50 Cent was always a favorite of mine, especially after watching Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I actually cried during that flick!
My throwback song by 50 cent is "21 Questions."

Chris Brown, releasing his 6th studio album, X, on September 16th, has had a pretty crazy year and
he's still on the top of the music industry. Bravo, Chris! Although he hasn't always had the
best track record, he is one talented musician. My favorite throwback song of his is definitely "She Ain't You."


  • Krystal Strafford

    50 cent & Chris Brown ♥

  • stephanie

    “if i went back from a hoopty to a benz, would you poof and disappear like some of my friendz”

  • Kassie

    50 cent is just too good.

  • Nik

    Love she aint you & 50’s 21 questions makes me think of my boo, plus he kinda looks like him ha!

  • Shaye

    50 cent is everything

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