Tune In Tuesday: Back To School Edition

It's that time of the year again. Time to say goodbye to summer freedom, and hello to the daily grind of class, homework and climbing
the rope in gym class! Time for students to trade in their bikinis and beach towels for jeans and pencils! Back to school isn't all bad;
you have some things to look forward to. It's a time of reconnecting with friends, back to school shopping, new crushes and this playlist,
of course! So put aside that boring calculus homework and tune in to this fun back to school playlist! 


  • Kassie

    Another Brick in the Wall is such a classic!

  • nikki

    love me some yeezy!

  • Kate

    I Love College brings back some good memories!

  • stephanie

    we don’t need no education!!!

  • jessica

    omg, Vitamin C, what a throwback!!!

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