DIY Beauty: Perfect Party Nails

Posted on September 02 2014

Your nails may just be one of the first things people notice about you. If you're anything like me
and you talk with your hands a lot, then chances are people will be noticing your nails more than
you think. So you're really never fully dressed without pretty nails! With summer winding down
there are so many last minute BBQ's and back to school parties that we are all looking forward to
attending, but what will your nails say about you? Follow these steps to get your perfect party nails!


What you need:

-clear base coat
-clear top coat (I used quick dry top coat))
-any shade of nail polish (I used Bikini So Teenie by Essie)
-nail polish a few shades darker than the first color (I used Under The Twilight by Essie)
-scotch tape
-glitter polish (optional)


What you do:

Step 1: Make sure your nails are clean and dry! This will ensure that your nails remain
             perfect with out any chips for days and days.

Step 2: Apply one coat of your clear base coat.

Step 3: Apply 2 coats of your lighter color polish.  Let this color dry completely before
             moving onto the next step (usually about 30 mins)

Step 4: Apply 2 small peices of scotch tape to your nails.  You want them to be angled
             from the center of the top part of your nail out to the outer corners of your nail,
             making a triangle shape. 

Step 5: Apply one coat of the darker polish shade.  Applying too much of this shade
             could cause the polish on your nail to be too thick therefore making it chip sooner,
             and no body has time for that!  Once you finish applying your triangle shade you
             may remove the tape.

Step 6: Apply a thin line of glitter to the edges of your triangle to give your nails a little bling! 

Step 7: Finish you nails off with a clear quick dry top coat.



You can repeat steps 4 through 6 on one or two nails as just accent nails, or if you're feeling a little funky
you can repeat those steps on all of your nails. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,
so let your nails be part of that style and speak for you!


Have you re-created our Perfect Party Nails? We would love to see them! Use #iloveooh on Instagram and
show us what your perfect party nails say about your style! 


Rester Belle Ladies, Stay Beautiful

xo Jessica   


  • Kassie: September 13, 2014

    Too cute! I have to try it.

  • Nik: September 11, 2014

    I never would of thought it to be so easy, thanx for showing!

  • Courtney: September 10, 2014

    Love this!! im going to have to try it out!!

  • stephanie: September 05, 2014

    can you come over and do this for me!!!!!! absolutely gorg love it! so different :)

  • Krystal Strafford: September 05, 2014

    Love these nails♥

  • nicolette: September 05, 2014

    Love love love

  • Lisa: September 05, 2014

    This looks so good!

  • Brianna: September 04, 2014

    Love this!!! so cute and pretty simple and easy to do!

  • Rachel: September 04, 2014

    This is so adorable…if only I could paint my own nails.

  • Taylor: September 04, 2014

    sooooo cutsey!

  • Victoria D: September 04, 2014

    this looks awesome! great job jess!

  • Diana : September 03, 2014

    Great blog Jessica. Keep writing.

  • Victoria S.: September 03, 2014

    Love the color combination! I will have to try for my next special occasion!

  • dee: September 02, 2014

    Wish I could do that but my nails chip so quickly at work!!

  • Megan: September 02, 2014

    Love this color combo!

  • kathy: September 02, 2014

    great step by step…I’ll have to try it.

  • Chelsea: September 02, 2014

    Looks great! Always wondered how to do that.

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