Tune In Tuesday: Songs You Forgot They Sung


Oh, the memories! Change is definitely a good thing, it keeps life fresh and exciting! For recording artists it's really important because their music changes with their personalities, and the change in their music keeps their audience on their toes! Some artists have based their entire career on refusing to stick to the same style and remain the same person (and it works for you Madonna!). Not to mention, change is the reason the curly haired N*Sync version of JT is now the smoking hot tux wearing version we all know and love today! When looking at some of the artists that we hear on the radio and see everywhere today, they're first hits seem like ages ago! But when was the last time you heard these songs and listened to their lyrics? Probably not for a long time! Not that these songs are bad songs, they're just so not who the artist is anymore.




This one is pretty catchy, but it's not the music that makes us to a double take! Think of the empowering
"Who run the world?" words behind Bey's latest hits, and especially her VMA performance! While the 2004
version of Bey wants to spend her days pleasing her man, modern day B would have none of this!




Today, Usher is generating club anthems left and right! You'd be surprised to hear him bust out a slow jam,
and it seems as if even if he did come out with a modern day slow jam, it would not belong before it received
the David Guetta Remix treatment, right? Negative.."Slow Jam" from his 1997 album is exactly what it sounds like.
And I invite you to feel some type of way about his goggles.




The artist formerly known as Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, put out some very Disney-channel songs.
"See You Again" is not only one of them, it's so far removed from the Miley we know and love today that
it kind of blows our minds to think about her singing it now.  Although, this tune did give her the ultimate
excuse to get away with anything....because duh, she's just being Miley!




Before he was kicking ass and taking names on film, he was Marky Mark. So far off from the Mark Wahlberg
we know and love today! He also has a work out video ;)




Oh, the sound of innocence being lost to the tune of an explicit children's rhyme.
Beiber was never the same again after this track.




The R. Kelly canon includes hits such as "Remix to Ingnition" and "I'm A Flirt"...ya know, songs about sex
and arrogance. And then we have this gem circa 1997. "I Believe I Can Fly" is the musical equivalent of
every motivational poster you see hanging in school hallways. Not to mention, who doesn't love the Space
Jam scenes running through your head as you're listening to this song?


  • Rachel

    OMG! Biebs was so little and innocent. Carter 2 U is still one of my favorites!! Great post!

  • Taylor

    Def still know all the words to all these songs.. what a throwback!

  • jessica

    blast from the past!!! omg Destinys Child!

  • Krystal Strafford

    Destiny’s Child & JB♥♥

  • Kassie

    Miley’s “See You Again” is still in rotation on my itunes. Love her.

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