Tune In Tuesday: Summertime Sadness

Though we love our sweaters and boots, it’s never easy to accept the fact that sun-kissedskin and late nights on the beach
are soon to be a thing of the passed. To make the transition a little easier, we rounded up a mix of end-of-summer tunes that get
what we’re going through (#dramatic, but seriously!) With that said, hasta luego sweet summertime, until we meet again!


So Long Sweet Summer by Dashboard Confessional

It’s safe to say everyone had their “boy band phase” and Dashboard Confessional was
definitely a part of mine. The title says it all; this sweet song about the warm summer
months is a tune that will surely be stuck in your head.


Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

This song is on everyone’s playlist right now as well as everyone’s status on Facebook. It comes
as no surprise though, seeing as this song cuts to the chase about the sadness we endure at the
end of summer. Lana really just gets us.


Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams

One of my personal favorite songs, Summer of ‘69 epitomizes the all –American summer.
Young love, carefree living, and Bryan Adams… it doesn’t get much better.


Boys of Summer by The Ataris

A cover of Don Henley’s original 1984 hit, The Ataris did a fantastic job of adding a little bit of
rock n roll and a lot of zest to this once mellow track. I can’t help but sing a long whenever
it comes on!


Summer Lovin' by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Where. Do. I. Being. The story of Danny and Sandy’s summer romance is one I could listen to
over and over again especially when it’s the form of a catchy pop sing-a-long. Grease never gets old!



  • Jaimie

    Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Fall! So ready for sweaters, boots and good hair days. :)

  • Chloe

    So long sweet summer brings me back to high school! OMG memories lol

  • Chelsea

    Good songs!! Love boys of summer! & Grease!

  • Krystal Strafford

    Love the movie Grease!♥

  • stephanie

    GREASE <3

    rip summer.

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