Megan's Must Haves: Summer Blacks

When we think of summer we think of fun, bright colors...which can be a problem for the girls that love wearing black (guilty as charged). Black outfits are usually my go-to any season, regardless of the heat, (I think it makes me look cool at least!).  All I can think about is how classy and posh Black is. Or how you can never go wrong with a black dress, a black swimsuit or even a plain black top. Being able to wear black in the summer, gives us tons of options in regards to looks and styles we can pull off. Black is versatile and so the options are limitless! Here are a few tips on how to make black work in your summer wardrobe! 

How to:
1. Pick light, airy fabrics - i.e. Chiffon, Linen, and Voile   2. Add a little pattern or print for some contrast 
3. Show a little skin- i.e. Cutouts and Crop Tops   4. Throw in a pop of color accessory for a fun twist 


Blue Glue's Essential Bikini
-$42     Drift Together Black Kimono-$46     Starfish Cuff in Silver-$30     Floral Cut Out Sandal in Red-$10

Frankie Black Dress
-$160     Fancied Brown Fedora-$24     Grand Central Sophistication Necklace-$20

Smooth Plunge Black Jumpsuit
-$54     Point It Out Necklace-$28     High Up Patent Heels in Black-$22.50


So what do you think, is black too much for the summer months? Or is it totally cool to drape ourselves in black even in the warm months?


  • Annie Lamagna

    YUP! The black jumper is my fave too! Love it. Cute and comfy!

  • Kristen

    love wearing black anytime of year! so chic!!

  • Rachel

    The drift together black kimono is my latest obsession! Love all these pieces!

  • gerry woelfel

    Love the black, always did, anytime of the year. The black jumpsuit is adorable!

  • taylor

    Jumpsuits are the best! so easy and classy

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