Stephanie's Sweets: Dunkaroo Dip!

Posted on July 25 2014

Recently I celebrated my birthday and threw a really awesome theme party to reminisce on the good old days of growing up in the 90s! I went all out with the decorations between old spice girl posters to inflatable room furniture to baby bottle pops. 

The biggest hit was the Dunkaroo Dip I made. People were going NUTS over it! Whether you are hanging out with your girlfriends, going to a party, or you just honestly want a little treat, this is your new go-to dessert. It literally takes FIVE MINUTES to make with THREE simple ingredients…. THAT’S IT! It is the easiest and most delicious little treat to serve at any event!

Dunkaroo Dip Recipe



1 Box of Funfetti Cake Mix

2 Cups of Cool Whip (non-fat or regular)

1 Greek Yogurt (I think Chobani tastes yummy)

1 Box of Teddy Grahams (I personally love the Chocolate Chip, animal crackers work as well)

Sprinkles (for added bits of color)


What to do:

In a large bowl combine the funfetti cake mix, cool whip, and the Greek yogurt until evenly blended with little to no lumps. You can use a mixer or a large spoon to mix the ingredients; when using a mixer be sure to scrap the spoons with a spatula to get every last drop! Trust me, your going to want it all! 


Cover with saran wrap and store in the refrigerator until chilled-usually 30 minutes or so. Dazzle up your dunkaroos with extra sprinkles if you desire!


Pour the dip into a serving bowl and a separate serving bowl for the teddy grahams and dunk right in! You’ll taste your childhood coming back to you with each and every bite!



Sweet Tip: Pack a little scoop in a plastic container and take it as a snack for a little sugary pick me-up.



  • jessica: July 30, 2014

    this looks soo good!!! dunkaroos were my fav snack when I was a kid! I will definitely be trying this out this weekend!! <3

  • Kate : July 30, 2014

    Yummmmm!! I am absolutely making this!! Baby Bottle Pops haha I used to love those

  • Chelsea: July 29, 2014

    This sounds so good, and looks so easy! I’m definitely gonna make this! Thanks for the yummy treat!

  • alana: July 28, 2014

    my mouth is watering…cant wait to try this!

  • Shaye: July 28, 2014

    I haveeee to try this… dunkaroos were my fave!

  • Sarah: July 27, 2014

    Such a tasty treat! you always make the greatest sweets Steph!

  • gerry woelfel: July 27, 2014

    What a sweet treat, and so easy to make. i can’t wait!

  • Victoria: July 26, 2014

    OH MY GOSH. i want this NOW. looks delishhhh

  • Leslie: July 26, 2014

    aww so cute! gotta make this for the kids one day! =]

  • nicolette: July 26, 2014

    OMG! yumm

  • dee: July 25, 2014

    I made this before! I still buy & love dunkaroos!!

  • Queen Bee : July 25, 2014

    OMG STEPH you gotta make this the next time work together it looks so tasty!!! especially since I have such a sweet tooth! xo

  • Courtney: July 25, 2014


  • Bridget: July 25, 2014

    Ah! I want this right now! Taylor made this once its so good!

  • Annie: July 25, 2014

    I’ve done this before too! Such a great party favor/dip! So so good!

  • Nik: July 25, 2014

    this looks amazing and I will totally be trying this weekend

  • Kassie: July 25, 2014

    Looks awesome. I definitely need to try this.

  • Taylor: July 25, 2014

    I made this for Bridget for her 21st birthday! So yummmmmmy

  • Megan: July 25, 2014

    OH MY GOD! This looks delicious !

  • Julianne: July 25, 2014

    I need to try this, looks so good !!

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