Tune In Tuesday: Jay & B

After going to the On The Run Tour on Saturday at MetLife Stadium, I couldn't help but share my endless love for
Jay & B with these collaborations by them - which are my favorite songs! Beyonce and Jay-z are such a powerful couple and they
proved it at the show Saturday. I am an even bigger fan now!
-Bonnie and Clyde: This was the beginning of Jay-z and Beyonce, I love it!
Watching these two love birds in this amazing video brings back such memories! Who remembers the hype of the
Manolo Blahnik Oklamod Timberland Boot after this video?
-Crazy in Love: I mean, can I please be Beyonce? No wonder why Jay-z is crazy in love! Killer dance moves, B!
-Partition: This video has so much energy and really shows their relationship in such an exclusive intimate way.
B is such a hottie, Jay is one lucky man! Her performance at the On The Run Tour was unreal as well, she is so talented! 
Drunk in Love: The song of the year! This video, song everything about drunk in love is amazing.
You can't go out anywhere without hearing this and dancing to it, or of course who didn't reference "Surfboard" once,
twice or a thousand times since this song came out? Gotta Love it! 
-RUN: Which is what the On The Run Tour is based on, has this trailer which I don't think is ever coming out,
but Jay-z and Beyonce are pretty bad ass and I love the song Part 2 on the Run:
Check out the trailer for RUN here:


  • nik

    id love to see them that on the run trailer looks awesome

  • Lisa

    They are perfect. Seriously. Love them both

  • nicolette

    Power Couple!

  • Julianne

    Love that trailer… if only it were real!

  • alana

    ALL HAIL! love these two and every one of their songs!

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